As part of our on-going commitment we have introduced M&N Health and Beauty as one of our nominated suppliers.

We have negotiated an excellent deal with the above supplier for the A & D TM 2-440 Ambulatory Monitor. It includes all three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

You can offer the best available tool for setting up blood pressure clinics at your business.


Key Features

  • Footprint of 66 × 24.5 × 95mm – smallest models on the market
  • TM-2440 weight 120g excluding batteries
  • AA batteries x2 for 24-hour measurements
  • TM-2440 has a unique screw fit connection that prevents the cuff tube from disconnecting from the device. This is a significant issue with other ABPM’s where the tube disconnects from the device causing error measurements leading to no data being collected
  • New pulse correction algorithm for faster measurement & noise rejection
  • Battery powered (2 alkaline or Ni-Cd “AA”)
  • Output of data to analysis software (included with device)
    • USB connectivity
  • Ingress protection IP22
  • Protocol ISO810601
  • Cuff size included: Small, Medium & Large
    • Includes carry case and belt
  • BIHS validation B.P Monitor


The TM-2440 from A&D Medical is an all-in-one blood pressure monitoring solution designed primarily for 24-hour Ambulatory (ABPM) monitoring. The TM-2440 is validated in accordance with the new ISO810601-2 protocol, and the blood pressure accuracy was proven to be +/-3mmHg.

I would like to highlight that M&N Health and Beauty also has a wide range selection of Perfumes, Fragrances, Skincare, Health & Beauty products as well as Sundries.

If you would like further information on this deal and you are a member, please contact our Office via the usual methods of telephone, fax or email.