About Pharmaco

Brief history of Pharmaco 2000 Limited

Under the behest of JIBA International, an organisation similar to Chamber of Commerce, a group of Pharmacists evolved the idea of combining forces to combat the competition offered by the major stakeholders in the trade. The name Pharmaco Jiba was adopted and formalised in 1994 with 35 participating members.

In 1996, the company then generating a small income was registered as a limited company. A proportion of the profits were diverted towards charities, a principle still upheld by the board of directors. The company doubled in size in the ensuing years purely by way of recommendations, although the commercial activities stagnated because of the lack of support from suppliers in the trade.

In 1999, an aggressive board of directors picked up the gauntlet; the company doubled in size again and generated handsome profits. The name was changed to echo the birth of the new millennium to Pharmaco 2000 Limited. The Company Head Office is based in Midlands providing services to independent pharmacies nationally. At present it has over 200 members nationwide.

Pharmaco 2000 Ltd still believes in re-distributing a substantial proportion of its profit among its membership and decent slice is reserved for deserving charities. There is no membership fee to join the group and the humble members of the board of directors strive day and night to achieve the best available for its membership. In addition, educational and business seminars are held to broaden the horizon for all the members. Pharmaco thrives itself on the service level offered and best possible deals secured for its membership throughout United Kingdom.

The Company at present is undergoing a facelift by introduction of shares option to be purchased by the members thus increasing activities of group by further expansion and additional investment. The wealth all ows Pharmaco 2000 to allocate resources in training its members to new developments in education especially as the New Contract phases in, Information Technology, business skills and in future it aims to link to a wider audience through a website and e-commerce to enhance its profile.

Any Independent Community Pharmacist wishing to join the group can do so; however those who own their own business do benefit the most. Anyone interested in the activities of Pharmaco 2000 Ltd can call on 0121 326 6655 or send an e-mail to info@pharmaco.co.uk