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Pharmaco Pre-registration Programme 2014 -2015 

Pharmaco which prides itself in serving independent community pharmacies and after success of providing pre-reg training for the last 7 years, we are delighted to announce the launch of the 2014-2015 Pre-registration Training Programme commencing in October 2014.

The study days will be on Saturdays and Wednesday, which are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Attendance for enrolled trainees is mandatory. Tutors will be promptly notified of any absenteeism.

With the success of running a tutor workshop last year we are once again going to extend this programme which will include an evening Tutor Training session. Also included, to enhance their confidence, an additional study day which will allow the trainees to sit a full-length mock registration exam.

These programmes will be run by experienced providers at an excellent value to our members. The training programme is very comprehensive which covers broad range of topics.

Aside from the scheduled events, tutors and trainees enrolled on this programme can also benefit from the continued support and advice available from the training facilitators who are in regular contact with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and attend their annual Pre-registration Managers’ meeting.  In addition, all trainees will be given access to the Pharmacy e-Training System which will allow them to access news and information relating to the Preregistration year and to download course materials.  

The tutor training workshop is FREE and the Pre-registration course fees are only £925.00 + VAT per candidate for Birmingham. Enrolments are being accepted immediately. These rates are very much competitive than others in the market. Hence do not miss this opportunity.

 For more details contact Pharmaco Head Office 0121 326 6655 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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We're in the process of creating an online ordering system which is still under construction. In the meantime please download the specials order form below and Fax it to us on: 0121 326 6700 or 0800 652 7071.

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Cavendish & OTC


Cavendish and OTC Direct have now been nominated as one of our preferred suppliers of Generics, PI’s and Surgical products. Being a part of Alliance Healthcare they are one of the biggest wholesalers who will supply to Pharmaco members at very competitive prices with an excellent delivery service with following advantages: 

  •  Wide range of Generics & PI’s at competitive prices 
  • Surgical Items 
  • Daily reliable deliveries to all parts of UK. 
  •  In Midlands Two Deliveries a day by Cavendish kindly inquire with telesales or your local rep. 
  • Daily phone ordering.

Why not get the benefits and start using them immediately and benefit from competitive prices from both Cavendish & OTC Direct.!!! If you require any further information on this deal please contact Pharmaco Office on 0121 326 6655

Servicing independant community pharmacists


The­ intensity­ of­ change­ is­ fast­ and­ furious­ and­ the­ need­ to­ have­ a­ collective­ identity and­ a­ sense­ of­ belonging­ to­ a­ proactive­ professional­ group­ is­ necessary­ for­ survival.

Commercially,­ Pharmaco­ offers­ its­ members­ excellent­ deals­ from­ a­ number­ of­ suppliers.­ Professional­ development­ is­ a­ priority­ for­ us­ and­ we­ have­ a­ wide­ range­ of­ educational­ programmes­ for­ pharmacists­ and­ their­ staff­ to­ achieve­ a­ customer­ centred focus,­ and­ excel­ in­ corporate­ and­ clinical­ governance.

Together,­ we­ will­ not­ only­ survive­ but­ prosper­ as­ we­ serve­ our­ local­ communities­ in the­ most­ efficient­ and­ professional­ manner.­ We welcome­ you­ and­ invite­ you­ to­ join­ us.



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